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Reiki & Energetic Services

Hannah and Katy are currently offering Reiki, Intuitive and Energetic Services. They are practicing as a Naturopathic Doctors and pricing is the same for all services, based on the length of appointment.


We have included a brief summary of what these services may entail, but if you have any further questions, please contact us at or 705-302-1103.



This is a hands-on-healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The practitioner channels universal life force, healing energy into the patient’s body.  This brings greater vitality to the body and can promote healing.

Woman having reiki healing treatment , a
Yoga meditation hands woman in yoga lotu

Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing 

Bring your chakras and energy fields into alignment using the healing energy of the crystals.  In these treatments, crystals are laid on and around the body to rebalance the body’s energy fields.  This can help in physical, mental and emotional balance.

Intuitive Healing

Offering guidance, clarity, or a better understanding of your soul path. Check in with your higher guidance through intuitive readings. These services may include: reiki, chakra balancing, connecting with your spirit guides, tarot and oracle card readings. Intuitive healing can be included into any of our available services. 

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