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About Hannah

Naturopathic Doctor & Clinic Owner


Hi, I’m Hannah. 

My first priority, as your Naturopath, is to make sure you feel heard and understood. I believe that doing so is essential for building trust between us; which will help us to work together towards your optimal health. To achieve this, I take the time to hear your story and truly listen to all that you have to say. I feel that it is very important to make sure you know that you are in a safe and comfortable environment in my office. I want you to feel open to talk to me about anything that will help you to heal. 


I also want to make sure you know that I truly care about you. Your well-being and health goals are important to me. I want you to feel supported and be able to work together with me to create a treatment plan that you feel confident in. I also want to help you gain confidence in yourself and what you are capable of achieving in your search for wellness. I will not be healing or curing you. You will be healing yourself. I act as a guide, support and enthusiastic cheerleader along the way, so you definitely won’t be alone on this journey. Naturopathic medicine is not usually the “easy” route, but the efforts you put in can evolve into longterm health that is well worth it. 


I’m a light-hearted and open-minded individual. I believe that laughter and fun are two of the greatest medicines we have in this world. I am very caring and empathetic. I can assure you, no matter who you are or what you say, I’m not going to judge you. I’m going to strive to understand you and see things from your perspective. I feel that compassion and acceptance are two key factors for healing, I can give you both of those things. This will help you to see that you deserve to feel good, happy and healthy. I want to help you to see that you can accomplish your goals, because you can. 




I attended McMaster University, where I got my Bachelor of Science degree and then went onto achieve my Doctorate of Naturopathy in 2017, at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I was on the Paediatrics shift during my clinical internship and I have completed my Naturopathic Doula training (although I do not practice as a doula or offer these services), which has allowed me to gain more experience in treating those who are pregnant, babies and children.  That being said, I truly love to treat all people in all phases of life!

About Curtis

Naturopathic Doctor 



Dr. Baker (ND) has a clinical focus in diabetes, heart health, kidney health, skin health (including eczema and psoriasis), supportive cancer care and cancer prevention.

He has completed an internship at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Center. He keeps well-versed on human clinical research trials within the fields of clinical nutrition, oncology and herbal medicine.

He prioritizes evidence-informed therapies and works in collaboration with your health care providers to deliver unique solutions to patients with complex chronic health conditions.

Dr. Baker (ND) aims to help bring clarity and confidence to patients – to empower them with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

About Amy

Registered Nurse, Pyschotherapist


Hi I’m Amy, 

I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy.   In working with you I take an integrative, collaborative, and trauma-informed approach and draw from mind and body based techniques and modalities, both evidenced based and holistic.   I have a special love for helping others explore their tools for resilience and healing, stress, nervous system regulation, emotional awareness and processing, and holding a safe space to work through whatever you are navigating.   It’s important to me that you feel safe, heard and supported and I endeavour to do so in an empathetic and caring way.  I will guide you to be reflective of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and see you as the expert of You.  Whatever brings you to our sessions, I will meet you there.  I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2000 and from York University with Honours in Nursing Science in 2004. In the past I have specialized in women’s health and chronic disease; counselling mental/emotional wellbeing has been a common thread.  I have extensive clinical experience caring for adults across the lifespan in various healthcare settings.  I have additional training in yoga, mindfulness, somatic psychology,  motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy.  Whether you are navigating anxiety, stress, low mood or esteem, relationship difficulties, loss or trauma recovery -I look forward to working with you on your wellness journey.  Should you have a question, I welcome your inquiries to You can directly schedule a 15 min free consultation call here:  Or learn more at


About Sidney
Office Manager & Administrator 


Meet Sidney!

She is our fantastic Office Manager/Administrator at Renewed Health and Wellness.

She will often be the one to welcome you into our clinic, schedule your appointments, find the answer to your questions, or help you with a product order. When you reach out to us, Sidney and the RHW team will do their very best to get in touch with you and address your needs as soon as possible. 


Our Team at Renewed

~ Announcements ~

Part-Time Clinic Room Availability 

in August or Fall


Come September, Dr. Hannah, ND will be offering services in Gravenhurst at The Muskoka Wellness Co again, but will still be in Orillia 3-4 days/week.

Please be mindful of which clinic location you are booking with online.

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