Weight Loss Worry

By: Katy Howard, ND

It is really common for spring to bring many of us a bit of a weight loss panic.  We start to realize that the days of bulky sweaters and puffy winter jackets are about to be behind us and soon we will be squeezing ourselves back into shorts and swimsuits.  Body image problems hit an all-time high and people start wanting to jump onto a fad diet bandwagon to drop the pounds fast.  But is this the right answer?

Those of you who know me, know that my first response is ALWAYS going to be “what does your gut say?”.  Usually the gut won’t be in agreement for hopping on these unsustainable weight loss trips.  If it is – then go for it!  But if it’s just your brain trying to get you focused on fitting in to society’s expectations, then maybe pause for a minute and take a look at what’s driving you.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Is it for your health?  Is it for the aesthetics of your body, or for how your summer clothes will fit?  Get a feel for where you’re at, and what you’re looking for.

If it’s for health’s sake – then get a measuring tape and measure your waist (without sucking it in).  Stand up against the wall or get someone else to help, and measure your height as well.  If you’re focused on health, then you want your waist circumference to be less than or equal to half your height.  Interestingly, more recent research has told us to throw out those pesky BMI measurements that used to be all the rage in healthcare for evaluating the health of someone’s weight.  It was found that the risk for future health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes is actually not predicted by your BMI measurements.  Instead, it has been discovered that simply keeping your waist measurement within a certain parameter is an excellent predictor of your future health!

So – grab that measuring tape and if your waist measurement is less than half your height – you’re doing great!  You can stop kicking your own ass, and just go out and enjoy your life!

If your waist is a bit bigger than future health would allow, or if you want to lose weight for aesthetic or clothing reasons, then you can always check in with our Nutritionists here at the clinic to help you get back on track in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • Stephanie Silk can help you if you’re working through emotional or spiritual eating.
  • Billy Brown can help you if you’re looking for a nutritional-focused protocol.

Book your nutrition session with either of them today: https://smartnd.ca/online-booking/102

Let’s make the spring weight craze healthy and happy again!


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