By: Cara Cooper, BodyTalk Practitioner

Synchronicity. Have you heard of this term before? Chances are that you have. This is the term coined by Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences. Others, like Dr. Kirby Surprise, author of Synchronicity, believe that Jung was just scratching the surface, and we have the ability to ultimately affect our environment with just our thoughts alone! Have you had any synchronistic events occur before that you can list? Getting a phone call from the friend you were thinking of earlier or that moment, needing a piece of furniture or vehicle and a day or two later a friend offers you a used one they are trying to unload or you happen to find the perfect one for the perfect price? Do our thoughts directly shape our reality?

About a month ago I signed up for an IBA Physiology and Anatomy Course offered to BodyTalk Practitioners. After two cds, and a couple hours into the course I realized that the teacher had suggested having a medical anatomy text/study book to follow along with, was the only way to go. I am a visual and hands on learner having a text book is crucial for me. This turned into a three week study delay. Rather than put a new cd in and move on in the course, I kept listening to the last lesson on the nerve system and cell. I was a Physics girl in High School, I missed out on learning detailed anatomy. The instructor had described two portions of the nerve cell that were named after the doctors who discovered these portions of the nerve. She explained that this is how she learnt them, and since she was our teacher, chances are we would remember them just as she had. These portions of the nerve cell are – (Dr. RANVIER) Nodes of Ranvier (gaps in the myelin sheath that help with the conduction of the nerve impulses) and SCHWANN (Schwann cells surround the axon and are responsible for myelination of peripheral axons, they also participate in the repair process after injury). With this knowledge, I can go deeper if a clients innate insists.

During a client session, multiple priorities and links come forward to be released. The formulas brought forward by the clients innate, are related to broken communications throughout the body that contribute to dis-ease and illness. Every session is as different and unique, as every individual.

Recently, I had a client whose Circulation Lymphatic System was signaled as a priority within the Nervous System. The priority was further specific down to the cellular level. My clients innate insisted further more specific. I could only remember Ranvier and Schwann so I ask. There is a yes for Schwann. I complete the formula to be released, along with the links and tap out.

Afterwards, during the review of the session, my client indicated their surprise at the Schwann identification. Further explaining to me that the type of tumor they have is a Schwann Tumor.

I could simply brush this off as coincidence, but I know it’s Synchronicity at it’s finest. Could I have taken the session to this level without the knowledge of the nerve cell’s structure? No, I couldn’t have. Synchronicity is a reminder that there are bigger energies at work in our daily lives.

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