It’s Okay to NOT be Okay

A few words from Cara Cooper:

For the last few months at events and gatherings, I have been running into acquaintances who I haven’t seen in close to a year.  So many of them say “You look amazing!  What have you done? There’s something different about you!”.

Well that got me thinking.  What have I done?

I have learned that it’s ok for me to take up space.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Well for a Swan who’s main company were ducks most of her life, it was a tremendously difficult task.  Lingering baggage and damage from a mentally abusive relationship hindered me for so many years after the dissolution of it.  It actually feels f#@king amazing to be free of that weight.

After five years of study, I have been able to consistently apply The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz to my daily life.  I respect myself by placing healthy boundaries with those who have proven to be unhealthy for my environment, mentally, emotionally and physically– including family and friends.

I know my truth, and my intentions are pure.  I have come to embrace myself and as well as my faults, flaws and strengths.  Does that mean that I live in perfect harmony with everyone and that my life is profoundly heavenly, with rainbows and Unicorns dancing around? Flurry fuzzies NO!

We are energetic beings who are affected by our environments on the daily. “For the body is a living record of life given, life taken, life hoped for, life healed. The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, and the heart remembers.” Which means that this journey of healing and release will be life long.  Yep, you heard me, life long. It is also the reason we can’t always hold the space effectively for our own healing.  Sometimes we can’t keep it together to hold that healing vibration for ourselves.  And that’s ok.

It is possible for you to find health, peace, joy, stability, and happiness with Energy sessions.  My own progress has been the result of Energy Medicine and Vibrational Medicine that I have received in sessions from fellow practitioners and healers. I personally work with energy using a Consciousness based healing system, Seqex therapy, which is sound frequency and resonance, Reiki and beautiful vibrational energies of crystal and stones.
Most importantly for your energetic and mental health, be aware who, and what is interacting with your energy on the daily.  How do I feel when I am around this person? When away?  Do I feel supported or drained when dealing with someone, or a situation?  Your intuition and body are giving you clues.  Listen.

For me, wisdom, sage advice and vivid encouragement came from who I now recognize as my Tribe.  They taught me that just as in Fairy Tales we too have superhuman qualities and abilities.  “The body has two sets of ears, one for hearing in the mundane world, the other for hearing the soul, two sets of eyes, one set for regular vision and one for far-seeing strength, the strength of the muscles and the invincible strength of the soul.”
The Wild Women.  My tribe.

Quotes from, ”Women Who Run With the Wolves” Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Photo Credit;


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