Mind Over Body

Are you a pessimist or an optimist?  Simple, age old question right?  Would you believe me if I said that research data proves that you have better odds of fighting off stress and maintaining a healthy immune system, if you’re an optimist?  Hard to believe you might say.  

I am in the middle of reading an intriguing book that challenges the medical professionals’ beliefs on the power we have to heal ourselves.  

The exciting thing is, it’s written by a Doctor as well.  Lissa Rankin M.D. ‘s “Mind over Medicine” dives into this very topic.  She wanted to look at medical research that studied the positive impacts of things such as the powerful belief and effect of placebo’s, patient care and personal attention as a physician to your patient as well as gentle optimistic diagnosis delivery to patients. Lissa challenges us to understand that we are capable of healing ourselves by accessing our parasympathetic nerve system, which is our rest and digest system. It’s as simple as reducing stressors in our life. These stressors are very personal to each person based on their individual circumstances and Belief Systems. The ability to switch off the sympathetic nerve system quickly and access the parasympathetic nerve system again, varies from individual to individual.  We are truly a complicated species! How you are responding to stress on every level within the body? Mind, body and spirit?

After a brief hiatus from practicing medicine, due to her own health crisis of sorts Dr. Rankin returned to practicing medicine.  Her intake forms changed though.  Digging deeper into her patients’ lives more than ever, questions like “Is anything keeping you from being the most authentic, vital you?, Do you feel like you are in touch with your life purpose?, What rules do you follow that you wish you could break?, What’s missing from your life?” were asked.  The two most important ones being “What do you think might lie at the root of your illness” and “What does your body need in order to heal?”.  What she found is that some of her patients’ making core radical life changes, such as quitting their job, getting a divorce or simply moving to a new City had complete resolution of their physical issues!

For me, the most important thing I have taken from “Mind over Medicine” is that the healing process has a lot to do with client care, and the perception of the care the client believes they are getting.  Dr. Rankin even suggests at one point it’s maybe the act of caring on the practitioner’s part that should be studied. Although I cannot see the medical community as a whole accepting the results of any such study, currently.  I personally think that ten years from now they may. During a BodyTalk Balancing Session, we BodyTalk Practitioners are giving 100% attention to the formula that your body/mind complex is relaying.  This is a big reason why BodyTalk is so effective!

 It’s promising to know that there are Doctors out there like Lissa Rankin.  Doctors all over the world are starting to comprehend that there is more to mind-body health than just prescribing a pill after a seven minute appointment. Doctors who are finally open to accepting the full merge of Quantum Mechanics into Medicine and just exactly what that means as a whole.  I’m excited to see what the future reveals about our wonderfully complex bodies and astounding brains!


By: Cara Cooper

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