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These past few weeks I have been reminded of how a simple tap out with BodyTalk Access can have a big impact on relieving stress in our daily lives which naturally helps us get back on track to being healthy.

I have had quite a few clients come to me with insomnia over the past few months.  Rather than just heading straight into a full BodyTalk Session, I have begun their treatment with BodyTalk Access.

Access involves;

Cortices Technique, which involves tapping of all three brains, Head, Heart and Gut.  This technique addresses the entire bodymind complex by focusing on balancing the brain, regardless of what physical or emotional problems are present.

Hydration – This technique focuses on getting the body to utilize all water taken into the body in a more sufficient manner.  The focus can be down to a cellular level throughout the entire body, or specifically hydrating an organ, endocrine or body part.

Body Chemistry – used to address invasive factors introduced to the immune system.  Viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and toxins.  This technique is especially useful if you have a cold or the flu!

Reciprocals – Communicating through the Wei Qi, tapping these out quickly gives the brain comparison reference points to maintain balance in the musculoskeletal system.  From my experience, this is one of the most beneficial techniques for those suffering from insomnia.  Added benefits; boost general energy levels, balances the energy meridian system that influences every major organ, reduce total muscle tension in body, improves digestive system function and harmonizes the function of the nervous system.  As my mentor Cherie Carpenter calls them “small but mighty”.

These basic BodyTalk Techniques can do so much for those everyday issues that occur.

One of my children was sick last week and playoff hockey season is among us.  Although taking a night off would occur to most, my guy was determined to play the game.  I used the BodyTalk Body Chemistry technique a few times before the game and he was able to play and hold his own out there.  I wish I had known BodyTalk a few years ago, as he has committed to playing while under the weather before and it did not end well on the ice or at home after the game!

My boyfriend had a shoulder pain that he had gotten after a heavy box he was lifting shifted while in his hands at work.  I used BodyTalk’s FastAid technique (also taught in BodyTalk Access) to tap out his pain as well as the reciprocal to the injured area and he felt a lower register on the pain scale afterwards.  During the technique I was conscious of the ‘shift’ as it was happening.  As I am feeling the shift, there would be a 1-3second delay before my boyfriend would yawn!  Yawning is a form of release and when it happens this many times in a row during a short tap out, there’s really no denying that something energetic is being released!

Every single client’s response to getting Access is “I feel so relaxed!” or “I could really go for a nap right now”.  R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N  .  My clients with insomnia who have had their reciprocals tapped out have said that it led to one of their most rested sleeps in a long time.

It’s simple and effective.  I am trained in BodyTalk and have the knowledge, tools and techniques to help your body release what is no longer serving you, on all levels Mind, Body and Spirit.

In BodyTalk Priorities take precedence –

When is the last time you have made yourself a priority?



If you are interested in taking a BodyTalk Access Course, please contact me at quantumessentials22@gmail.com and will see if we can get Cherie up to Orillia!


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