Grounding with Crystals

By: Cara Cooper


I admit it. It’s the winter time and I am having issues with grounding. Now to be fair, this is a common issue for me. However, in the summer time I am almost always barefoot which serves me well as I am often outside absorbing those wonderful healing negative ions from Mama Earth!

In the winter time I need to work at it. I do this with what else? Crystals and Stones!

My go to collection includes, black tourmaline, black jasper, bloodstone, smoky quartz and brecciated jasper. All these stones relate to the Earth Star Chakra and Root Chakra centers.

Earth Star Chakra – Located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth. Because it works primarily with the energies of the earth, it is very physical in nature. It participates to our physical well-being and connects us to the grounding energies of the earth and our environment. Just like the first (or root) chakra, it is useful to heal any bone and bone marrow-related issues. It can also play a role in any DNA-related or hereditary issues.

The Root Chakra is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and with the Earth. Our base chakra carries our ancestral memories – war, famine, natural disasters, and any events that threaten our basic survival – all recorded within energies of the first chakra. These memories are imprinted in the subtle body and are passed down from generation to generation creating unconscious generational patterns. Your fight and flight response is also initiated from this chakra. This is your primal, animal nature.

So not surprising a few of us struggle with this!

Physical imbalances in the root chakra include problems in the legs, feet, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive parts and prostate gland. Those with imbalances here are also likely to experience issues of degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation.

I carry one of the above stones in my left pocket or wear a piece of jewellery with a grounding stone. When using a stone this intensively, I always make sure I am “clearing” the stone of energy and laying them out leading up to a Full Moon and so on. I also use grids. I grid everything. Houses, offices, vehicles and I will even grid my bath tub if needed.

I’m heading off for a soak right now! I’ve set the tub grid with black tourmaline and smoky quartz. I’ve added a red candle to represent the root chakra, some hematite chips and a few drops of Frankincense.

This mamma’s going to sleep well tonight!

Light, Love and Blessings




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