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Fertility Focus

We all know couples that are struggling with Fertility.  It’s a heartbreaking subject for everyone involved.  I have friends who have struggled and some that still are.  At times I feel guilty that I naturally conceived, carried and safely delivered identical twin boys.  This is an extra miracle, as they had twin to twin syndrome but were overall healthy. I left that NCIU sharing tears with another mother whose baby was not a fortunate.  We were truly blessed.  How can I pay it forward?

What can I do?  How can I help your baby dreams come true?

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.  Besides physical health issues, stress is one of the most common issues with conceiving.  It’s such a catch 22.  You and your spouse are stressed out, because you are having trouble conceiving.  There are emotional issues and mental issues popping up as a result. On top of that, you are still going to and from work and everywhere else needed in between. Your work and family environment are always ripe with little surprises that can annoy you, when not prepared!  What can you do to relieve stress?  That seems like a never ending losing battle!  There was a time I thought that too.  Before BodyTalk.

To begin with, please let me state that BodyTalk is an Integrative Medicine that compliments your Doctor’s orders, it does not replace them.

In order to get your whole fertility picture, as a couple, we need to address all angles that are being affected by stress – physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual factors.

Using The BodyTalk System’s extensive Protocol, which combines western medical experiences such as epigenetics, neuroscience and psycho-immunology, acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic theory, applied kinesiology and insights of modern physics, quantum mechanics and mathematics, I can identify and balance what is happening in the body.  Helping the body’s natural communication system to rebalance and better communicate. BodyTalk also clears outdated Belief Systems from our subconscious “I will never conceive”, “I don’t deserve to become a parent”, clearing the way for healthy optimism towards your dream of conception and healthy delivery.

I am now offering a couples BodyTalk package – “Fertility Focus” to couples who are actively and consciously trying to conceive.  These sessions will be distance sessions, conducted once a week, for 3months. I am offering these sessions for an investment of $730/couple.

I have drastically reduced my rate for these sessions, because I can.

Even if I only energetically assist one little chubby cheeked cherub, into the loving arms of expectant parents, I am fulfilling my mission of doing all that I can to pay it forward.

Regular in house (12×2) x 80 = $1920

Regular Distance session (12×2) x 60 = $1440

*Your Investment for this package (12×2) X 30.41 = $730

Locking eyes with your new baby for the first time? = Priceless

Email me to inquire or to begin the process at cara@quantumessentials.ca


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