Feeling Lost or Stagnant Energetically?

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“During my journey with Energy Medicine, self healing and self care courses, classes workshops somewhere along the way I heard something about node points which has stuck with me.

Every seven years we arrive at these “node points” in energetic terms. When we are experiencing these, we are completely able to ascertain without attachment what we need to release for growth and healing, as well as what we need to attract for growth and healing.

Time sort of stands still during these introspective moments. If we are struggling with careers, relationships or personal issues we are suddenly able to feel/see/hear, what would be the greatest outcome for all involved, even if it is making some concessions to achieve peace in these matters. All the while not being cruel to anyone, handing away your personal power or losing your self respect.

It’s as though your Highest Self, the part of you that contains your Divinity is guiding your choices. The transitory action of releasing closely held toxic behaviours, belief systems and even people from our lives, which can be an incredibly torturous and painful process both emotionally and or physically, comes with a greater ease that we ever could have imagined previously. Once this shedding has occurred, we are then finding ourselves drawn to things in all areas of our lives – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – which we quite simply, never were before.

Thing is, in order to heal and grow, we can’t ignore the in between times. Lots of things can happen in between these node points to energetically assist us at getting to where we need to be in order for those big changes to even become a reality. On some level we need to always be checking in with ourselves, but most importantly being honest and kind with ourselves.

  • How am I feeling?
  • How am I processing breakup/new job/ new baby /etc. on an emotional or mental level?
  • Am I experiencing a lack of flow in my life?
  • Where are my blocks?
  • Potentially why are they there?
  • Have I done what healing I can do on my own?
  • Do I need to reach out to someone/healer/friend/counsellor?

As a healer I can help you shed a light on where your healing needs to happen. Each session is like a “Spiritual Massage”. That makes this work seem kind of airy and flowy but let me assure you every session is different. Sometimes you feel “light” and refreshed after a session and other times so drained you just want to go home and have a nap afterward. Easy breezy or deep and dirty.

It is you, consciously or subconsciously, who chooses to release the pebbles which weigh your bucket down, back into the stream of energy which I call Source.

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.” Anonymous

Happy Shedding and Happy Fall!”

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