Electromagnetic Frequency and Crystal Healing

By: Cara Cooper

As some of you may know I am studying Crystal Healing under a former Science Teacher and am totally geeking out!  I have already been incorporating some of the techniques I have learnt into healing sessions here at Renewed.

There is a large resource listing attached to each class and one of this week’s links just blew me away and I had to share for your health benefit!

The required viewing was of the movie “Resonance, Beings of Frequency” by James Russel.  I will include the link to Vimeo at the end of the article so those that are interested can view it as well.

James Russel interviews many a Scientist who have tried to get the message out about harmful EMF’s are messing with the body’s cryptochrome cells.  What are cryptochrome cells you ask?  Here’s a sciency description http://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/cryptochrome .  To put it in a quick nutshell, they are light receptors that work in conjunction with your circadian rythymn which influence the Pineal Gland and its’ production of melatonin.  These cryptochrome cells are also found in every living thing on the planet and play a heavy role in birds and other mammals migration patterns.

Humans are beings of frequency and we have our own magnetic fields.  The body sends out its’ own EMF’s that are required to sustain life. James Russel does a wonderful job walking you through what is healthy resonance for humans, 7.83Hz and why it is healthy for us to get outside and entrain ourselves with the Earth’s resonance of 10Hz.

In the last few decades our exposure to man made EMF’s has grown exponentially. So have our Cancer rates.  “Resonance” states that brain receptors cannot distinguish the difference between EMF’s and light waves.  This means that even as we sleep, when our body is supposed to be in rest/digest/heal mode (para sympathetic nervous system) it is exposed to EMF’s that we cannot consciously detect.

There is speculation that EMF’s are why bird, butterfly and bee populations are in steep decline, with some facing extinction.

Our brains not being able to distinguish the difference means EMF’s keep our bodies in sympathetic nervous system and prevent us from experiencing maximum health benefits of our para sympathetic nervous system which is rest/digest/heal.  The para sympathetic nervous system is also when the Pineal Gland is in Melatonin production.

Melatonin is a natural drug we produce and has been described as a “powerful free radical vacuum” and a wonder drug.  When we are deficient in Melatonin over long periods of time our Immune Systems become stressed.  Lack of Melatonin increases sleep disorders and heart complications.  A less competent Immune Systems make us more prone to disease.  Melatonin deficiency has been linked to Autism, Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.

There are some things we can do to decrease and counter act EMF’s.

  1. Get rid of Wireless WiFi and your cell phone. Not really that practical but the health benefits reaped from this may be very appealing to some of you who are in need of a major improvement in their health.
  2. Switch off TV and devices earlier in the evening. If you have a dimmer switch on your lights, dim them as the evening advances.
  3. Get out in nature and ground! Entraining with the Earth’s Resonance is incredibly healthy for us. Just think about how much EMF exposure one would get in an apartment building? Wireless WiFi exposure from two or three apartments, cell phone, Bluetooth EMF’s.  The exposure in a city is intense and unnatural.  Another method would be using a grounding mat – like my Energy Frequency Treatment Mat.
  4. Minerals and Crystals. Crystals? You ask.  Yes Crystals.  They are a more advanced life form than we are – yes life form.  Their structure of sacred geometric patterns “entrains” us into their healing energy.  Basically, even if you don’t believe it, the science backs it up.  Some amazing crystals/stones to use for EMF protection are;



Lodestone/Magnetite (these are essentially the same mineral, but lodestone is found naturally magnetized while magnetite is not)




WARNING: be certain not to have any strongly magnetic stones near your laptop or other devices = can cause LAPTOP DEATH due to hard-drive being erased.

I also have a Crystal healing layout that aids the body with restoring your natural body’s EMF field!


If you are interested in watching “Resonance, Beings of Frequency” by James Russel, here is the link; https://vimeo.com/54189727  .


Happy October!

Love, light and blessings



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