How Can BodyTalk Help You?

“How will BodyTalk help me?”  This is a question that many clients ask during their first visit.

We work with your body’s subtle energies. Items that your body indicates as a Priority to be cleared, we release through techniques outlined in our Protocol. Ultimately, the goal is to kick start your body’s natural ability to heal itself, which gets easier for it to do, as your subtle energy gets cleared.

Belief Systems are altered and most times, go unnoticed by the client. This is how it affected me.  I usually tell most of my clients this during their first visit. BodyTalk had a profoundly positive impact on my mental well being. I have suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression in the past.

I was twelve years old when I suffered from PTSD. A lawnmower accident almost caused me to lose my right big toe, twice. The first time to the lawnmower, and the second to an infection while recovering from the surgery in Hospital. Although I have had anxiety from a young age, I have not fully recognized it until I these last few years. I have also had mild depression since I was twelve years old. I did not seek treatment for the PTSD or anxiety. I did seek help for depression eventually in my early thirties.

I was put on medication and had a counselor for my “mild depression’. I was working at applying some cognitive behavior therapy guided by my counselor, as well as attending a group for anxiety and depression.

The cognitive behavior therapy made complete sense to me. Sticking with it was the issue. When I did apply it, it helped me see things clearly for what they were. I also knew what area in my life needed to be addressed, but was locked into my Belief Systems. This prevented me from seeing any escape. Group Therapy helped me realize how easy my problem was to find a solution for. It was making that leap. Gaslighting from a loved one had done incredible damage to my self esteem. I had to learn to trust myself again. Slowly, my self confidence improved, and I did eventually make some hard decisions concerning my life. The changes were good and life was better. Fast Forward to a few months later and although I set positive changes into motion in my life, I underestimated the impact of some of my unhealthy Belief Systems on my emotional and physical well being .

Where I had made positive gains before, I started slipping back into unhealthy thoughts triggered by Belief Systems that no longer served me. Enter BodyTalk. At first I took a BodyTalk Access Course. I had a deep release that weekend and was hooked. My Belief Systems had altered on certain things. The only reason I even noticed, is because of how my body reacted to the same stressors that were present in my everyday life. I became an observer of the stress that was trying to attach itself to me rather than a reactor to it. I made healthier choices about who I spent my time with. Don’t ever under estimate how you feel about yourself after spending time with someone. Do they lift you up? Do they keep you down? You can work on yourself and work on yourself and sometimes never get better if you stay surrounded by the same negative/draining people. I am also applying with regularity, into my daily life “The Four Agreements”.

These are the improvements in my life I attribute to BodyTalk. I almost forget that I have almost no pain from early onset Osteoarthritis in my pelvis and FAI in my hip anymore! For many of my fellow Practitioners, the reduction of chronic pain is what made them believers. How will it affect you?

You’ll never know unless you give it a try!

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