Bringing in Stability with Crystals

By: Cara Cooper

My Mom always stated I was born on a Full Moon in a snow storm. Having friends who are nurses I am reminded that during a Full Moon or even phases leading up to a full moon can evoke some odd behaviour.

As I get older and wiser (HA!) I am recognizing the changes within myself as the waxing moon grows in the sky. I thought there might be others out there too who need a little help navigating this energy.

So there are a few stones I suggest to try working with during the waxing and full moon phases if you need to have more stability.

Moss Agate

Is a wonderful stone to use for stability, persistence and grounding. If you do abundance work during the Full Moon it is an excellent stone to assist with this work as well. The reason for this is it works at holding clarity to one’s vision until it has manifested. This stone also works well at bringing peace and stability to the emotional body.


During the waxing and waning moon – powerful feminine energy a wonderful stone to off set that with would be the Sunstone which is a masculine energy and is attuned to the light of the Great Central Sun. This stone also helps manifest desires into physicality so another one to assist personal manifestation during the powerful energy of the full moon. What make this one extra beneficial is that it warms and stimulates the emotional body and helps turn anger into energy and judgement into joy.

I absolutely love the Full Moon and working with the energy it provides, but every now and then I can get overwhelmed by her power, hopefully those of you who experience this as well now have a few extra things to help alleviate the feeling of being off balance.


Light, Love and Blessings




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