BodyTalk: What is it? 

By: Cara Cooper,  BodyTalk Therapist

BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healing, based on energy medicine proven principles.  BodyTalk works with the body’s own natural healing response.  Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the “hidden” causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors that contributed to it.

So, imagine your body is a Rubic’s cube. Let’s say, when you are functioning at your best level within all systems of the body, the cube has six different colors on all six different sides.  The end goal of the Rubic’s Cube “game”.  Now imagine stress as movements of the tinier cubes, which make up the whole. With just a few twists and turns of the tinier cubes, the colors become scattered.  This represents the communication between the energy circuits located throughout your body when stress is introduced.  Stress is unavoidable in your daily life, it’s a truth.  How you deal with that stress, affects the body which in turn affects your health. Just think about how some people can leave clean laundry on the couch for a few days and no stress. While others have to fold and put it away in the same day, otherwise pure chaos would ensue in their minds!

Now the cube’s (your body’s systems) color pattern has scattered into tinier cubes.  Not resembling at all the larger whole of the “finished” Cube’s pattern.  This is what happens to your body’s communications systems, when you maintain a higher stress level than what is considered normal for an extended period of time. Circuits of communication get overloaded, blown or disconnected!   BodyTalk works at removing the underlying stresses affecting your communication systems on a physical, emotional and environmental level.  Every formula to be released is different, and unique to each individual during a session. Applying BodyTalk to the Rubic’s cube would be in essence, making minor adjustments to the tinier cubes, which leads to a shift, and completion of the whole Cube again. Six colors, six sides. All systems functioning at optimal levels of communication throughout the entire body!

This is no quick fix when it comes to energy work.  You have to sweep before you mop, so to speak. It is for this reason I’m happy to announce that I am offering a two session, and four session Groupon in the coming month!  This will allow anyone who is interested in BodyTalk a chance to try it for a massively discounted price for a limited time! I’m in on Tuesdays at Renewed Health and Wellness!

Your body is talking to you, are you listening?



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